The world is constantly pulling me down and away from You. Can I lose the salvation that You have given me? Is there something that I will, or have done that will take You away from me? Moments in the past few days have been causing me to become more and more depressed about the situations that I end up in. Each step that I take forward in my faith there are others that take me two steps back. It's not easy to rely on faith alone, but the glory that You have offered grows stronger with each passing day in the corners of my heart. You had knit me together in my mother's womb and now you strengthen me through the furnace of life to be so much more for You and Your Kingdom.

Faith is all I have left and the hope I have is that you will catch me before I hit bottom. and say the words that I have longed to hear you say, "I have you now." Like the man who saw his footprints in the sand I have seen that You have carried me through the worst times of my life already. To know that You have seen the impossible and conquered it should be enough for this wandering heart of mine. You are the only reason I exist and breathe. Without you my life would be nothing more than an illusion waiting to be stomped out by the evil forces of this world.

You are my Father, my Friend, my Redeemer, my Savior, and my Lord.