I take pride the life I’ve dedicated to the Lord and the things that I write. Over the past 20 years I’ve been writing stories, poems, rambling thoughts some inspirational, and have accumulated "several" unfinished books. For ten years I’ve been working as a front-end web developer learning how to shape and craft amazing web experiences.

Get It Done

I've talked about it long enough. I've had two dreams over the last year to write a book and to go freelance in my career. Both are steadily getting closer to becoming a reality as opportunities start to align. A lot of people want to be their own...

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Tell Your Story

We all have a story to tell whether we write it down or not. Writing and speaking are fundamental pieces of our culture, to both express thoughts and ideas to conveying complex and basic emotions to one another. My wife and I love to talk about ou...

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Show and Hide Hidden Files in Terminal

One useful part of owning a Mac is the ability to quickly show and hide hidden files so that you can make quick adjustments. For my own workflow that meant starting a Google search for "Show Hidden Files on Mac" all the time when I needed to see a...

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One CSS to Rule Them All

During a project to migrate assets from one server to another it was proposed that we change how our files were being included. For the first step we wrote an interesting JavaScript solution to include files using a single script file. This allowe...

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