I'm a writer.

Sometimes all it takes to believe you can do something is a strong conviction and the words to back it up. When I hear others say, "oh, yeah you're a writer." Those moments when others notice that I am writer somewhat hurt, because that's where my real passion is derived from. However, as a career I don't do anything remotely close to writing. The closest that I get to writing daily is usually the scribbles I put in my notebook, the posts on this site, and the copy/paste of other people's writing that I put on web pages at work. Through all the day to day drudge I often wonder if I could have made it as a writer. What the writing direction would have been I can't speculate to, but I'm sure it would have been interesting.

The reason I started this site was to write the random things that tended to pop into my head that either found their way into a blog post or into one of the books that I have continued to write since college. When the university handed me my diploma, which was sent through the mail, I started searching for I job. After trying a few things I ended up falling into web development since it was the job I used during college to make money to "somewhat" support myself. That was when 3 years passed before I knew it.

For the last few months I've been leading a charge towards responsive design. I never truly wanted to be the authority on responsive design standards, best practices, or even the usage of design in terms of mobile though that is where I landed. When I was writing I poured my heart into what I did and now I get as passionate when I work on anything involving the web. It probably wasn't until I started getting sucked more and more into large web projects that I realized I was beginning to become an authority on certain areas. By that point I changed my attitude and started to make sure that what I was doing wasn't just a regurgitation of information that I had read, but from experience that I had gained. Since I have been out in a position to start planning a mobile strategy for my companies mobile site I have to take each step seriously and to know the consequences of those decisions. The passion I once carried for my stories and books I now carry for the web, and more importantly for responsive design.

The concept "Think Responsively" is something I'm tempted to start putting on stickers or even t-shirts to inspire others. If you believe in something then let others feel or share in that passion. I'm not only a writer now, but I've grown into a web developer as well.