Bring the Rain cover

The journey is unfolding. When you come to know Christ there is an extraordinary call to serve God. However, that journey cannot be taken lightly and most certainly we cannot serve God on our terms. Bring the Rain centers around refocusing our hearts and minds on finding out what God wants and how we can serve Him on His terms.

Being a servant is never easy and even when Christ calls us to the journey He mentions that the path will be narrow. He never says that we will either be accepted or loved by the world, because we are standing in stark contrast to everything that the world holds to be true. The question we at times need to answer is whom do we serve and why do we serve Him?

Choosing a Title

Over the course of the last few months I have been struggling to title the book I was writing. My own first thoughts on the names unfortunately were not what God had intended it to be. After starting a rewrite of the entire book the title of the book hit me and I sat down to sketch then build out the cover. You can see the first iteration of the book cover to the right, but I know that as the book grows and changes so the parts that surround it will change to match the message that He is building.

First Few Chapters

The editing process is probably one of my least favorite parts about writing, but it is still an essential process in organizing your words in the right way. For my first Christian centered book I didn’t want to get the words wrong and most certainty did not want to have my words misconstrued by readers. It made sense at first to write what I knew and then pass those pages after a stringent editing process to Biblical scholars whom I trust and know are centered on God’s Word to filter through it further.

I believe that God will use this book to do works in the lives of believers who are struggling with serving Him day after day. The burnout of Christians in ministry is certainly an epidemic and even in my own church the possibilities for an outlook change are needed. We serve under our own power and our own ambitions to succeed, but do we take the time to look at God’s perspective on serving and being a servant. What does He want from us and for us? Our best and strongest advocate has been rooting for us all along and the only thing He requires of us is our ultimate surrender to His will.