The fundamental truth about my writing is that a lot of the time I make little to no sense. Actually I have my moments where complete clarity does tend to find its way in and stick, but those moments are like lightning strikes. There's a saying that I have hanging in the bathroom, "My mind works like lightning, one brilliant flash and its gone."

Striking Harder Each Day

To be honest that is how a lot my days are filled. I try to come up with a great idea, and hopefully capture it before its gone forever. My most insightful moments are when I'm driving alone in the car or doing something while I am doing something where a piece of paper or a computer is far from my reach. Lately those moments come more often than they don't which is great, but with no way of capturing those insightful moments I cannot actually keep track of them when I finally get the chance to write it. So I have opted for a new plan, which is to continue writing in short bursts and pray hard that in those slim moments that I can capture something worth sharing.

My wife is about the only person that I have really allowed to read my journals from cover to cover. I usually will share one piece out of them with others, but for the majority of the writing I keep those locked securely within my Moleskine notebooks. Who knows why, but even as a kid I was extremely secretive about everything that I did.

Though considering I have been writing for nearly 17 years now I have little in the way of spectacular pieces to show for it, but I guess since I have rarely written for the fame of writing, that could be why I spend more time in careful reflection of the things that I do write about.

Why Do Writers Write?

If you're a writer I would interested to know the reason you started writing, and for what reason you continue to write if you have been doing it for several years? Is is a calming practice for you, or an endeavor to be known among the writers that you have cherished reading?