In thumbing through my notebook I noticed that I write a lot in snippets. A thought here, another there, and finally a complete, wait, no just another snippet. I write in short bursts that will eventually add up to something more, but when I read through those captured moments I wonder if perhaps I am writing about nothing. Was there something there? Did I wait to long before revisiting that particular piece?

Starting Out

When I was first starting to write all those years ago I wrote and wrote until my fingers hurt, not because I wanted to inflict pain on myself, but I deeply wanted to write something with purpose. I strove for everything to have a reason to exist and that made me complete everything.

Teachers and professors would always tell me, "Write and write. It doesn't always have to make sense or work with, but the act and time of writing will help you get through all the things that you want to do." I'm paraphrasing, but that idea stuck with me. At least when I am writing in my notebook, or jotting a thought into Evernote I never really have a particular reason for writing it. I put it down and walk away. I figured if I did that enough something would grow from it. A few books now that I am working on are the culmination of those random thoughts and now looking back they make more sense together than apart.

However, now that I am getting older I find fewer moments to actually sit down and be able to write something all the way through. Between work, my family, random projects, and all the web sites I manage on daily basis there isn't enough time to write. I suppose that is why my own blog has been neglected for a few weeks while I was trying to fix and tweak a few things here and there.

When I say "Writing About Nothing" I don't mean that everything I write is pointless, but rather that I don't ever feel that I have given those individual snippets their best. It probably has been a few years since I've even written a short story for that matter. I guess what I need to start doing is moving away from the comments and notions "that I am too busy", and start living with the direction achieve the passions that I have been letting slip. A challenge I think we will all need to take at some point along the way.