When it comes to writing regularly, I don't always get the chance. Too many distractions enter my life or sheer boredom takes over and I find myself mulling over some small task for hours before realizing they my day is gone. Nothing else should matter to a writer than trying to find those few hours each week to sit down and write. Given the fact that my job can take more hours to finish doesn't make it any easier finding the time, when I know that I should dedicate time to my marriage, family, and the other responsibilities that I have. You can't ignore your life and the world, and still expect everything to be perfect when you return from your cave.

Every day is my struggle against all of those forces, as well as, procrastination. A lot of the time that I spend meandering I dream up fantastic worlds where my readers can and should get immersed but forget to ever write them down, thus pushing them from a dream to a forgotten haze in the back of my mind that may, or may not reappear someday. We should dream slowly about extraordinary worlds and allow those worlds to transform into worlds on a page, scribbles at first and then into hand written works. Capturing those moments means requiring the sense about writing that we all tend to lose sometimes. Usually the difference between you and a great novelist is not so much their knowledge of things, but the amount of time they spent honing and making sure they wrote everything they needed down for later reference.

Writers are dreamers. We dream in such a way that others can dream along side us. We create worlds of fantasy, or pure reality in order to take our readers from their normal lives into something more. Writers are meant to capture the imagination much like ancient storytellers would tell the stories in villages to recount history and as writers we are meant to do the same.

Though as I continue writing this post I wonder if perhaps I am simply meandering around my own point that I have not put as much into my writing as I would like to get out of it. I haven't spent the time or energy in crafting it, making it stronger so that I can share it. With this renewed vigor I want to encourage every writer who reads this not to wait for a specific month (NaNoWriMo) to write your novel, but choose regular days throughout the year to sit down and write like their is no tomorrow. Grab your imagination by the horns and take the readers you want to have where only you can take them.