The confession comes when I look at my notebook and realize I haven't written anything down in days or worse weeks. Procrastination comes in every aspect of life and not only to writers. You can set a new year's resolution, but a resolution will not do the work for you. There has to be a personal triumph to get back into the daily habit of completing what you set yourself to do. You may miss a few days, like I occasionally do here and there, but do not let that discourage you from keeping the rubber to the road.

For a writer you can't let life, procrastination, laziness, or even lack of creativity stop you from writing. If a writer stops writing then by definition they are no longer a writer. What does that mean for the procrastination you have in your life? If you aren't doing what you need to do daily in order to stay strong in your discipline then by definition you are failing at the job you have set for yourself. Failure may be an option, but it doesn't have to be your commitment.

At the moment you should give yourself a proverbial kick in the pants or a slap in the face to wake yourself up. Step out of the haze you're in and get back to the things you need to do. Jogging, writing, running, reading, praying, or whatever task you have set before yourself.