My wife tends to be much smarter than I am, because at times I lack the inspiration and thought process to get started on something new or that has been sitting in my queue to complete. Last night my wife turned to me and said, "Why don’t you finish that book for Carrie?". I looked at her a while and realized that in the day to day work that I had completely forgotten about my daughter’s book. It was a dream that I had to spend time reading and dreaming with her while she grew up.


At first I would read the stories to her about two dogs and their adventures, but when she was old enough have her start contributing to the books themselves. A family endeavor that would bind our little family together to show what we have accomplished together. Like the name of this blog post, "Madison and Tucker" was the first title I gave to the children’s book series I would start writing.

The inspiration behind the names and the book’s themselves came about while watching my parents two dogs playing in the backyard as they searched for squirrels and rabbits. As I watched them more and more I started noticing that they would look at each other as if communicating in a secret language and then would go off on their adventure together, which resulted in a rabbit behind stirred out from behind a bush somewhere. I chuckled and told my mother that it would make an great children’s book after watching them, which eventually grew into the writing these books for my daughter who hadn’t been born yet. A few months after that I drafted up the concept for the first two books. The first was how Madison and Tucker met followed by another concept which I have yet to fully flush out. I can honestly say that those two dogs never disappoint in giving me ideas for new material and I hope that my daughter gets as much enjoyment out of the books as I will have writing them for her.

If you’re interested stay tuned for more information by bookmarking the main series page: Madison and Tucker.