There are those moments in your life when you know that nothing will be the same. You can sense the winds of change and it's pointing you another way. We all reach this point in our lives and must make the decision to stand against everything, or to have faith that God is placing us where we need to be. Can we fight it? Should we fight it? When we fight the plans that have been made for us we end up doing more harm to ourselves than good. We essentially are going against the grain in our walk. Acceptance of the road that God would have us walk leads us down roads we might have ignored and which lead to the best choices in our lives.

This last weekend I had the privilege to hear from 10 people in my own church body talk about what God had been leading them to do. It was called "Kingdom Assignment Sunday". For a little background 90 days prior 10 people were given a hundred dollars and asked to multiply it for the kingdom. They were told that this was God's money and that realization made each choice they had to make that much harder in their eyes. Each story had its own unique twist and reaction to the original request. How easily you and I can spend a hundred dollar bill without thinking of whether it is going towards something useful, or if it is for a good cause. To take that same hundred dollar bill and know its from God makes that same decision harder to make. A thought process we should use for every dollar that we have in our bank account. For the 10 that I watched on stage the challenge was what to use there money for or whether their choice was the right one. However, in the end each one of them grew in some way to know that faith in what God wants for us to do is much easier to find when we start watching for His hand in our lives.

Do you have the faith to put your life on hold for what God is calling you to? For some that means leaving home to serve on the mission field, while for others that means giving up a small piece of your life here to do something for Him. There is not always drastic change, however, when it comes to God's kingdom there is always a change for the better to make you into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ.

What is your challenge? What is your assignment for the Kingdom?