We all have some high hope, a dream, or aspiration in life that want to see. For a lucky few they change the world in some small or large way and receive that praise of those around us.

It may sound depressing, but I don't hope for much. I keep my dreams close to my heart and know that when I achieve them that I can move on towards the next goal. The constant stream to better myself and those around me. One day I hope to publish a book, or two. I'm not expecting a New York Times Bestseller, or a Pulitzer Prize winner, but I am simply hoping to get my words bound and out into the world.

The reason that I don't hope for much more than that is not because I don't want to, but rather because I don't need to. I say this because I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ and I have already received everything that I need in this world. He has granted me life, joy, peace, and abundance of mercy by dying on a cross for me. What more can I ask or dream of? Not much. I don't buy into much of the hype that I need more of this or more of that. I would rather be content in what He has provided me than trying to snatch and grab at what others tell me I need (All of which I can't take with me).

I write because I love to write and I am not forced to write. So when I find the time to write blog posts, pieces of my book, or a poem for my wife I genuinely important.