Each year I tend to write a post about marriage and this year was going to be no exception, however, in the midst of writing I didn't feel the urge to write. So instead I started writing about how much I admire my wife. Four years ago I married the love of my life. I would say that is where the story began, but that is where we stepped on the gas.

On our first date, I picked her up at her parents house and decided to take her to sushi. My mistake was not asking if she even liked sushi, so not only was it our first date, but it was her first trip to a sushi restaurant. After teaching her how to use chopsticks and what to order that might not taste too wierd the date went fairly good. Well, I guess it did go good since she wanted to go out again a few days later. Since that day my wife has shown me that it takes two to make a marriage work and I wouldn't change one second, the bad or the good, for anything. The last year has probably been the most stressful as we welcomed our baby girl, Carrie, into the world and then decided to move into our new home only a few days later. I would like to not recommend that anyone move with a newborn since the idea and act is simply insane. Despite those unique challenges we made it through thanks to God watching over us and giving us the grace to grow in our love for each other. Now sushi has become a staple to commemorate triumphs and to alleviate stresses in our lives. Interesting how a first can become a forever moment.

To be honest despite how much I love my wife not always does that come from my own heart so much as it comes through my heart. It's a gift that God grants me each and everyday to see my wife as He sees her, then to fill my heart with an overflowing love. That might sound like a cop-out though personally it's more of a truthful observation since no matter how much I may try my love her or my daughter it will always pale in comparison to God's love for them.

My wife and daughter are both beauties sent from Heaven to fill my heart with joy and love. I can't think of a better way to spend any day than with them both. After long, frustrating work days their smiling faces are always there to cheer me up.