Being a writer there is a natural inclination to believe in being inspired, however, over the past few weeks I have come to the realization that this is not true. It stands better that as a writer I need to be the one who inspires. The one who drives others to achieve great and incredible feats simply by the words that I use to spurn others on in their endeavors.

In high school I had to spend an entire year working or learning to do something that I didn't know or do previously. Over the course of that year I learned to write and publish a book of poetry. It was something far out of the norm of what I was used to doing, which was to quietly sit in the back of the classroom and make sure that no one noticed me. After that year several were inspired by the simple phrase that I said towards the end of the presentation to show what I did. I will paraphrase it here:

I don't strive to be known or even acknowledged for what I write. I write because it is my passion it is what I love to do. Even if I spent tons of money in order to achieve my goal and only a handful of people read my book I would feel fortunate enough to have touched those few lives for the small time that I had their attention."

Those words only recently hit me when I started thinking about how I interact with people on a daily basis in my writing and in my faith. I should not be striving for huge influence, or even the lasting influence, because even in the smallest moment of my interaction I have changed them. Whether that change is good or bad remains up to my words and choices in that moment. It is humorous to think that my younger self could inspire me nearly 10 years later to get over myself and start striving to be an inspiration for others.

The words I write were once for my own enjoyment and now is the time when I start to use those words to be a transforming influence for others. I write now to spread the Gospel that has been embedded so deeply in my heart by others during my lifetime. The phrase "Be the change you wish to see in the world," stands true now more than ever. Today choose to be inspiring, and stop waiting to be inspired.