When I think back on the last year I wonder about all the decisions that I've made, which have led me to this point in my life. Little less than a year and a half ago I married my wife, and that was a day to be remembered and cherished. She has seen me go through so many changes that time since we started dating, and a lot of that change I attribute to her steadfast determination to see things in me that I didn't necessarily see in myself.

Though as the months passed I found myself making dumb decisions purely on the basis of wanting to do something different. The selfish changes that I wanted to make in my life, but was completely unconcerned with the consequences. In making those determinations now I can see it was a way for change to happen where I didn't see any point to the things that I was doing. I'm sure some of you out there have had to see a non-changing circumstance and felt as if your life might actually might be turning stagnant.

The Slow Dripping of Life

Sometimes like a leaky faucet life can pass us by, though that doesn't mean that we've missed life, but rather that we've forgotten to pay attention. Our world is surrounded by gadgets, and I write this now on one of those gadgets that tends to make us forget about the world around us.

We get wrapped up in games, Facebook, Twitter, and so many other social media tools to escape being interactive and social. Sounds like a compete oxymoron if you ask me, but it is funny that we may often reject real life interactions for the ones we find in FarmVille or some other game. How many times has your chat window been up this month chatting with friends?

Now these interaction has made it possible to keep in contact with friends that might be in some far off state or country, but it tends to be more of a crutch for those other relationships that are right around the corner. I digress somewhat, and don't mean to bash social media or online tools that help keep us talking to our friends and loved ones, but this does bring me back to my original thought on change.

Writing has been my passion for nearly 17 years now. There have been hiccups along the way, but I have always found my way back to it. However, for the last two years I haven't done much writing at all. A few scribblings in my Moleskine notebook, or the occasional post on my site, but the real passion of crafting stories and poetry has been lacking. Some would say that is the nature of growing up to leave things behind. I would say, no, and thus challenge that my own life I have been to complacent in letting my time be taken by other trivial things.

The Truth of the Matter

The revelation came from my work. I'm a web designer by trade, and have been since about high school, which means I have been in the same field for nearly a decade. That does seem like a long time now that I actually think about it. However, despite having been doing it for so long it was more if he easy way to make a career rather than trudging through the snow towards what I really want to do. Writing. A semi-huge change to my life considering that it would mean moving from a lucrative career into an obscure, and hard field to break into. All changes come in waves.