My hands are bruised and broken. My mind is crippled by thoughts of uncertainty in the midst of the unknown. Where once everything was clear before me, now appear in ruins. Can we lose our salvation? The possibility of losing salvation is always in the back my mind, even when I know that my salvation can never truly be lost. Especially when we falter on the path of life, through all the obstacles that this can world can throw at us we must remain strong and undeterred.

We've all made mistakes. We're not perfect and we should come to that conclusion sooner rather than later. Jesus was the only perfect man to have gone to the cross to make us right, He was the holy and blameless sacrifice. Through all the mistakes I make I can never fall far enough from God for Him not to catch me. That doesn't lead to the excuse that I can make mistakes up until the end, but rather it reminds me that despite what I have done my salvation is not dependent on my actions. My salvation is dependent on the one who paid the price.

In this life we are not wayward travelers standing on the side of the road waiting for our time. We aren't beggars in the streets seeking something that we've lost. We have all we have ever needed when we accepted Christ into our hearts and received His gift of salvation. When we fall Jesus picks us up, dusts us off and presents us the way back. We may scrape our knees or become bruised by the journey in this life, but remember that in the pain we can learn to grow stronger. Our mistakes don't mean that the walk has ended. Remain strong and steadfast. Remain true to the yourself and Jesus. You are important to Him in every way.