When I think of all the things I have done, I count it all but loss. That is a true statement if ever in my small existence I ever had to say one. How often i forget this one tiny thing? To be small, and to forget small things must make me exceedingly smaller. Now the conundrums come out, and I am still left at a loss. What to do next? What road should be traveled on this day, and the next? The only thing that I can say is that this is where i started and that this shall not be where I end. My wife today reminded me that we have almost been married about 9 months. What a life we have blossomed together! It seems like only yesterday that we were going on our first date, and that was like two years ago. And now to think that we have been married for 9 months seems to take my breath away. Where does the time go? She wouldn't have an answer either, but it does feel as if life was getting away from us both.

However, now that I have spent the last few hours pondering over that in my mind I wonder where we will be in another 9 months. The questions keep coming, and still the answers seem fewer and fewer. But in all that pondering I realized that what does it matter, really what does it matter? Spend so much of our lives trying to get the next best thing, or the next best whatever, and in the end we are tiny. insignificant beings. Vapor in the wind, as I like to say it. When I search for significance I look in all the wrong places, when really where i need to be looking is straight into the face of the Man who gave His life for me. He is my King, my Salvation, and my Redeemer. At church on Sunday I was again reminded of how the world tries to make the Gospel palatable for the world, and how leaders who look like they have all the right answers are producing lies in order to puff up their own deeds. I won't go into names, because this is piece is not about a yelling match, but I can tell you that God is so much more than just love. No one can fathom the depth of his understanding, and no one can say that the place of Christ was insignificant, because without the sacrifice we are nothing in the eyes if our Creator. We will never be good enough, or pure enough to make it into Heaven on our own deeds. For some of you reading this I know that is a bubble buster, but Christ said it. I will paraphrase this, but He clearly says, that no one can come to the Father, unless he comes through me. What more of an answer do you need? You won't find Him in another religion, you will find your Savior right where He always has been. On the cross. He died for us, not so that we could rub it another's face, but so that we could share the good news.

Some what you to believe that God is only love, and that Christ coming to save them is not enough. When they say that they make the sacrifice of the Son pointless. He came to bridge the gap, and to bring us back to the Father for all eternity. And while some say God would not make such a narrow or hard path to find if He was a loving God. I tell you He could not have made it easier. He said all have to come through my Son. What easier a path do you need? He have you the road. Now all you need to do is come to His Son, and follow. So stop spitting and denying what is right in front of you, and come. All He really wants is you right where you are, so that He can transform you.