I’m Jasper, one of the latest creations of a race of animals called humans. My synthetic form that I now have resembles my creators; this is so I can move around more easily on this planet that they called Tre Terra. My story begins more than three hundred years ago on a planet named Earth. This world was beautiful in all its splendor, and it was created by someone humans called GOD. As a result of my programming, I do not know much about him. Nevertheless, I do know who called for the destruction of that beautiful world. His name was Wilson, a man bent on the idea of total submission by everyone on his planet. Wilson’s reasons were unjust at least from the opinion of what one human told me. Because of Wilson’s decision, all hope for the Earth was lost, and most of this world’s inhabitants were lost. My databanks give a graphic description of the final days of Earth:

An explosion brightened the sky. Smoke rose from the ground and seemed to touch the heavens. Suddenly, a shockwave was set adrift by the blast; even though its fury was limited, it destroyed the paint from buildings. Then a second shockwave was set into motion almost like the first, but with more power and destruction. This wave shattered buildings like they were nothing more than ice figures. Steel and brick were flung into the air and made the sky bleed red as they changed colors. As the great flash weakened, a cloud of smoke began to rise like a giant mushroom. All that was left of the poor innocent people in the street were black spots, stretched across the ground. These spots were mere placeholders of what was once. A deeply painted green seemed to be splashed across the sky like a painting that someone forgot to finish.

Weeks passed and the green glow from the radiation blast was still visible all over the Earth. In a fallen building in a city once known as San Francisco, scientists worked hastily to create a transport, a space transport to take the remaining humans to a living world, far from this destruction and pain that had just been suffered by this world. They could no longer live among death anymore.

One evening after darkness covered the demolished area; doors began to open from under some of the fallen buildings and the survivors of the holocaust made ready for their departure. The ground started to rumble, and suddenly it split in two. Sparks flew and metal pieces were pushed away. A huge egg shaped vehicle began to emerge from the ground and threw debris all across the area. High into the air the shape rose, hiding the sparkling stars behind its massive titanium hull. All the survivors could do was work, hastily doing what they could to get free from the planet. As the sun began to rise, the people like mice, scattered and ran under the protection of the ship, for they could not bear the sight of earth any longer, especially with the light showing them the horror around them.

As soon as the massive doors to the ship had closed, the ground began to rumble, but more fiercely than before. Smoke appeared from under the ship and fire quickly followed. It seemed to scorch the ground in fury and defiance. The ship started to move and lifted, higher, and higher into an orange-colored sky. It left behind memories burned and destroyed by the blast. Now the only hope that was left was among the stars that lay so far away. Since the survivors could not survive for long in the cold and desolate land known as space, they suspended themselves in cold sleep. Now all the survivors could do was wait for a word from me, the computer; I searched for a suitable environment for the humans. Soon it became evident that no suitable world could be found, at least not one that the humans could survive in.

On March 23, 2763 the resources of the ship began to dwindle. The passengers had been in space for nearly five years. Finally, I took the situation into my own circuits, and awoke two men; one named Jake Thompson and the other, Samuel Thompson. These two men were the humans’ leaders. They built me and headed the rescue operation for the survivors from Earth.

I sent the command to the R Chambers to awaken the brothers from their suspended sleep. Steam was blown into the corridors and a green jelly was released from one of the chambers. Jake’s body crashed into the steel floor. He sat up coughing and wheezing, and then Jake began to hold his body from the low temperature that precluded the R Chamber. Suddenly, the chamber next to him spit up another body onto the steel floor. Jake helped his brother Samuel up. As they looked around, all that could be seen was darkness.

Suddenly, the floor lit up as the lamps on the ceiling turned on one by one. Now the unforgiving darkness had dissipated. Jake looked at Samuel as he pointed the way down the hallway. They both walked past blinking and flashing lights, from the control boards around them. The colors set a sober mood as they walked. It took the men only a few minutes to reach the control room near the top of the ship, where I was waiting for them. The doors screeched open and the two figures entered the room covered with a green substance that glowed in the dark. Jake was the first to speak:

“Jasper, can you get me and Samuel some clothes, because we are both really cold!”

I hesitated to answer, for some reason I still do not know. Jake soon called out again becoming angrier at each repetition of what he had already said. I then finally decided to speak: “Your clothes are on the panel to the right of you, and don’t raise your voice please.”

“Yeah, whatever, you piece of crap computer. You think that you’re better than everyone!” replied Jake with a disconcerting tone.

My databanks describe Jake Thompson as a dark tall human. He was a 4-Star General back on Earth, and he expected everybody to obey him without question, even when many times his judgments were erroneous. His main features can be recognized very easily; from his face a very thick mustache could be seen, which matched the hair on his head that was also black in color. On his left arm he had a barcode, which he had gotten in World War V, from a concentration camp in Eastern Bolivia.

Then without cause Samuel began to speak-

“Jasper, why did you wake us so early? Did something go wrong with the search?”

“Yes Samuel, I am having trouble finding a suitable world, and our resources are dwindling to a crucial level!”

Jake grumbled in the background while he tried to put on his military jumpsuit.

“And for what reason did you wake us, junk pile!” said Jake

I hesitated to answer; so to avoid talking I searched my databases for the research notes I had made from the data on the recent planet we were orbiting.

“Here is some information on the planet that we are orbiting at this moment in time. I need to know if I should deploy our remaining resources to the planet.”

Samuel picked up the screen on the control panel and began to read it; he did not answer. Instead he rubbed his chin, while he thought about the next move. Suddenly he threw the screen over to Jake. Jake caught it right before it hit the floor, and began to read it. Then Samuel made the command -

“Jasper, make it happen. This is probably the best we are going to do, at the moment,” said Jake with great confidence, as he stood tall

Jake quickly followed with “Jasper, I agree with my brother, there’s no hope with us up here, so make it happen and quickly.

“You are actually agreeing with me, brother!” Samuel said with shock in his voice.

“Live with it. This is only going to happen once and never again, pencil pusher.” Jake quickly blurted out.

Jake left the control room, and I didn’t see him for another couple of hours. Samuel turned away from the door with an annoyed look on his face.

“Let’s start to release the people from the hyper-sleep chambers, we’ll need them so that we can get a colony set up on the planet’s surface” said Samuel.

I never answered; I just did what I was told. I liked Samuel because he thought of me as a human and not some thinking machine to do all of his bidding, like Jake did. Samuel had no facial hair, but he had thick blonde hair and small circular glasses that made him look quite intelligent. Back on Earth he was the chief scientist and worked for NASA creating the first ion pulse engine, which made traveling at sub-light speed possible (This was an engine that could travel at one million miles per second). Then that man named Wilson got his hands on it and used it as a bomb, which disintegrated everything on the surface of the Earth.

I awakened every man, women, and child on the ship, which totaled about 200 colonists in all. Hours passed and we prepared to land on the planet’s surface that would soon be named Tre Terra. In the main control room people were bumping into people all over the place, which made it difficult for them to work. I did all the programming for the ship so that the humans did not have to bother with the calculations. The ship shook violently as we descended through the ionic atmosphere. This process drained the ship’s power just trying to keep it in the air. Smoke and fire blazed as we touched the ground everyone gave out a sigh of relief; at least I think that’s what they called it. Soon after the ship landed, we began to set up the first colony named Eden; after the Eden city in the book of Genesis.

Just about seven months later, the colony was thriving with more than 256 colonists. Jake and Samuel were co-presidents, each using his ideas to create a better society. But after a while, things began to fall apart. The new society began to crumble on this distant world and would offer the people no comfort.

The date was January 15, 2764; I remember this date because this was when Jake released his plans for the New World. Samuel was outraged by his brother’s idea to terraform the planet or change Tre Terra into a new Earth. Disgusted by his brother, Samuel broke off to create a splinter colony named Plymouth. He took with him more than 175 colonists. They thrived on the ideas that they could live at peace with the planet, and not change it in anyway.

May 5, 2764 – Samuel called Jake for a plea of hope:

“Jake, this is Samuel.”

“How’s it going, pencil boy?”

“I really wish you would stop calling me that.”

“Alright don’t get into a panic. What do you need Samuel?”

“I was thinking about a peace treaty, and all I’m asking from you is to abandon the idea that you need to terraform this planet.” Samuel pleaded.

“I’m sorry Samuel, but I can’t. These people need to have the right to live on a world where they don’t have to wear an environmental control suit, or worry that they will be killed the next day because of the raging storms that occur on this planet, everyday!” said Jake in anger.

“But that doesn’t give you the right to destroy another world,” blasted Samuel.

“This situation needs no further discussion, leave it at that brother,” Jake replied in disgust. “Then it will be…”

Samuel, unaware that it could never be reactivated, severed the channel between Plymouth and Eden. In time this problem worsened by differences between the two colonies, with wars that claimed many lives and other distasteful human games. After sometime I gave up trying to stop them, but soon got caught in one of their childish games. I seemed trapped between a bunch of infants. It was hopeless, for there could be no winners to this game.

For more than a decade, the humans fought against each other, and their battles claimed many lives, which caused great hardships upon all colonists. One of these battles was held on the Gytto Plain, near the polar region of Tre Terra. This was a big battle in the history of the New World. Some people from Plymouth were researching for ways to create new sources of water, and more than a mile away Eden’s colonists were using the same glacier cap as a form of Terraforming, which would be only the first of many steps in their new science. Peaceful existence would not last much longer, for when Eden detected the energy signatures of the Plymouth vehicles, they responded with brutal force, which claimed many Plymouth followers, but the battle did not end without a few casualties from Eden.

This war caused many deaths, which provoked great thinking from Samuel, who finally gave the word to create weapons for defense of the colony. This would start new wars between the colonies that would last for years. Most of the original colonists began dying in the wars, others died from diseases and lack of food. But it got worse when the day of demolition dawned. It was in effect, the final days of earth. A repeat of the horror, pain, and suffering that happened, oh so many years ago.

July 4, 2776 was a date of a new problem, a nuclear problem. Eden had planned for some time to launch a nuclear device aimed at Plymouth, and this plan was already under way. In Plymouth, the same thing was occurring. They were like children playing with fire. This would be the ultimate end.

At noon, the sun glared down on the planet making Tre Terra sizzle under the heat. A great rumbling began to shake the ground in the area of Eden. Smoke rose from the steel cylinder, and an arrow of destruction rose from it. It was ready for launch. In Plymouth, smoke covered the land making it hard to see where you were going, and there a second arrow of destruction rose into the sky.

The final countdown began – five, four, three, two, one, zero. In a great fury the two arrows were hurtled towards the sky, and off to their assigned destinations. Each traveled with great speed and strength, moving swiftly past mountains and canyons. Then both suddenly…my data banks stop on that moment for part of my memory has been damaged.

My story ends here, the fate of the race unknown. It is for you humans to ponder. What happened next my databanks are unable to reveal. Only a single saying keeps repeating itself, over and over again.

“Then the Lord rained down on Sodom and on Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of the heavens. He overthrew, destroyed and ended those cities, and all the valley and all inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground.” Genesis 19:24-25